Post your aerial photos, topographic maps, and questions on our "Land Management Forum", and let Dan, his Pro-staff, & the knowledgeable forum members debate the best ways to strategically hunt and scout your public or private land parcel. They will be quick to offer suggestions to private landowners on how to improve their property with well placed food plots, water holes, tree cuttings, etc. While I cannot guarantee that I, or any other specific member will personally evaluate your property, we will attempt to look at it as many as possible (time permitting).

$449.99All-Inclusive Package
Dan, will come out to your property and spend a full day scouting side by side with the client. Dan will create an all-season hunting plan. He will find buck and doe bedding, show the client exactly where the beds are, when they are likely being used, discuss with client which beds will likely be used on certain wind directions, exactly which trees to sit in, how to access stands, when to hunt them, and explain how to hunt the property based on all the SE factors and more. He will also discuss how to improve the property based on the client's goals. Basically, you will get inside Dan's head to see how he scouts and hunts on new property. He will take the time to answer any questions. Dan will be available for phone interviews concerning the scouted property and the developed plan for one year, since the day it was scouted. Additional days $300 per day, 1/2 day minimum.

Travel charge of 40 cents per mile for anything over 50 miles


$149.99 Scouting workshops / Full day includes meal

Dan will take you to private and public properties that he actually hunts. Show you where and how the bucks bed on these properties, discuss why they bed where they do, what winds, how he accesses the property in relation to the beds, exactly where and how he sets up. You will look at some of his actual set ups, the buck beds, and discuss in detail everything pertinent. We will look at different kinds of buck bedding including looking at primary beds. We will look at identifiable land features that promote bedding, and discuss how to recognize them when looking at new land. I can also get my stand set up out, and show how I set up my stand quietly within close proximity to bedded bucks.

Currently I am doing workshops that are held 1/2 on a private farm, and the other 1/2 the day in a public marsh.
This would be covering farm bucks and marsh bucks but will lightly touch on Hill Country as well. If I can find a suitable Hill Country farm we may do an entire Hill Country workshop later on. However, you will see how elevation of small hills on a relatively flat farm effect bedding just like on big hills.

At the end I would reserve some time to make sure everyone's questions get answered, and to look over peoples personal maps and give advice one on one. I don't want anyone leaving with an unanswered question.




Dan & Carol

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