Fire truck and Coyotes

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Fire truck and Coyotes

Unread postby alleyyooper » Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:58 pm

I am walking out to let the dogs out into their outside pens till I go out after breakfast to walk them. I am about half way there when I hear the fire truck turn the corner a mile and a half away. As it crosses the cross road a half mile away my dogs start their it hurts our hearing whining and howling.

Then the coyotes in the woods back behind us let loose with their howling and whining.

So now I know they are still back there and make a note to my self to see if any of the guys want to come this evening and give it a try.

Tom told us that he isn’t buying summer fur unless it has a reddish color as that is what is being bought by the parka maker.

Make several calls and about all my favorite stand bys are busy, till I come to Mike. He is ready to come and see if we can collect some coyotes but I have to go fishing with him on the bay soon or the river some night. I agree to take him up on the river fishing trip soon as I have a hankering for some fresh fish.

We arrange for him to arrive around 7:00 so we will have almost two hours for day lite before dark to get set up, let the woods calm down then start calling the last 45 minutes of the day.

I spent the rest of the day making sure the batteries in the caller are up to snuff. Even took the Swift out to my range and poped 3 rounds off at my bottle cap, Nailed it.

Mike arrived at 6:30 all geeked up and ready to see my woods for the first time. I try to ungeek him telling him that as we walk the ridge back you can see all of my woods since it is mature Oaks, Cherry’s and some Maples plus a few Bass woods. There are a couple places where you can stand on the ridge and even see across the new property to the horse pasture fence.

Now we can silently slip into the woods and figure out where we will set ups the callers, decoys and where we will wait.

We chose to drop the callers, decoys off just up the hill from the creek crossing then walk back to a clump of oaks with big bases where we can see across to the horse pasture fence and it is fairly open along the creek.

We ran the callers 30 minutes with out seeing any thing except a doe with twins across the way. I started putting my things together to leave and Mike signed wait another 10 minutes.

We could have left at the 30 minute mark as nothing showed in the extra 10 minutes.

Mike said later he though the coyotes may have been hesitant to come in to the woods as open as they are and my walking the dogs there leaves a lot of scent.

Could be right but we have had them run in several times before.

:D Al

Your not fully dressed with out a smile.

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