Coyote calling

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Coyote calling

Postby Bmoser77 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:21 am

I recently bought a fox pro and am excited to use it. Anybody have much luck with these? What are some good calls to use for coyotes and how often/long should I call? I also have a woodpecker decoy that came on it. Do those actually work or make a difference?

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Re: Coyote calling

Postby Kokes » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:00 am

Can't stress the importance of getting in undetected the wind..pretty much what I like to do is hunt just an off wind so the yotes will expose themselves to smell what their ears are hearing from your can experiment with sounds but I'd start with a rabbit or bird or vole in distress...remember these animals have small lungs so when attacked they only squeal for small periods...1 to 2 mins of sound followed by 5 mins of silence is can always increase the sound as yiur sequence goes I do distress sounds for 30 mins then my last 30 mins of my set I like to do a few female coyote howls followed by 10 mins of silence then cap it off with coyote pup in distress and wait as long as you can...essentially what I am trying to do is appeal to the coyotes stomach then If that don't work I am letting them know I am a new coyote in the hood to come and investigate and last but not least I play out that this intruding coyote is attacking one of their pack...I've head great success with this during ALL seasons...good luck!!!

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