Getting to be that time...

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Getting to be that time...

Postby Rich M » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:12 am

Deer season is over for me, duck numbers are low and we only have 2 NWR permits, inshore saltwater fishing is like fishing in chocolate milk. Will likely do the inshore bit this weekend - weather permitting.

Wanted to go flounder gigging and started getting the stuff ready - my dad goes, "How we gonna see 'em? The water clarity is 3-6 inches" The positive there is that the flounder will be unmolested and populate more...if they can live in that soup. FL's inshore/nearshore water is horrible.

So, I've been playing with the heavier tackle and eyeing charter boats. There is a 12-hour extreme trip out of St Pete that will take you 80-100 miles out for $300 (They just upped it from $250). I would do that trip in April when the bag limits are higher & include amberjack (if you like to fight a fish, amberjack are fun) My go-to charter guy out of Sebastian is $150/each for a day with a 6-pack. While going 100 miles out sounds like fun, one can do 2 trips on the other boat for the same $$$.

Gander Mtn has braid on sale buy one get one 1/2 off. Looking at the 100# braid for a Shimano Charter Special reel on a 100-200# Star Jigging Rod (have rod & reel - just need to upgrade braid). Need some more beef after losing a couple big fish to equipment failures last time out (June) - 80# leader knot cut into itself on jumbo grouper, 50# braid couldn't keep big snapper away from the bottom...

A lot of the guys on here are getting geared up to ice fish - we used to do that a lot and caught tons of perch & pickerel. After I moved south the guys figured the bass, trout (bait up close to the ice), and crappie out. I'd love to have a 5-gallon bucket of yellow perch to fillet right about now...

Hopefully can get offshore in the next month or so...

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