Lake Vermillion

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Lake Vermillion

Postby NorthStar » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:23 am

I have a family reunion on Lake Vermilion that’s scheduled for the first week of September and I was hoping to get some tips and hints on how to approach this giant lake. There is a lot of young kids that will be on this trip so we will primarily be pan fishing. I would like to get into Crappies if possible but not sure where to look this time of year. We will also have a fishing boat rented to do some Walleye, Pike, and Muskie fishing as well. I was thinking we could break this down by species and maybe someone with experience on this lake could help us out. Below is an example of what I am looking for but any info would be fantastic!

Lure Type/Color: Chartreuse Beetle Spin
Method: casting with slow retrieval
Depth: 8-10 ft
Structure: Docks

Lure Type/Color: Lindy Rig with a Leech
Method: Backtrolling
Depth: 18-24 ft
Structure: Mid-lake sunken rock piles

Lure Type/Color: Black/Silver Jointed Rapala
Method: Trolling 3-4 MPH
Depth: 10-14 ft
Structure: Weed lines

Lure Type/Color: Black/Silver Cowgirl
Method: casting with fast retrieval
Depth: 10-14 ft
Structure: Points and islands


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Re: Lake Vermillion

Postby Rich M » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:51 am

When I lived up north we would use a trolling motor and troll 1/8 oz white Mr. twister jigs for crappie - used to catch perch, bass & pickerel on them too. Trolled open water in lakes that were 10-15-20 ft deep max. Knew some folks that used to fish a sunken island in one particular lake and catch 18-20 inch crappie all day long. We've gotten a few 16-18 inches but always by accident. I'd love to figure out what they were doing. They said 30 ft was the magic number in that lake.

We did good on pike casting at downed trees and trolling rapalas/rebels.

Walleyes were rock piles and points - walking slip sinker with a double hooked leader, couple beads, spinner blade, and night crawler. Also had some of the bottom walker rigs - L shaped wire with lead on one end and swivel on the other. We'd catch a legal fish and then tie it to an empty plastic coke bottle and follow the school around. They also like weed beds.

Never seen a muskie or fished for them. No idea.

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