Anyone know who the "Dan" of duck hunting would be?

Waterfowl, upland birds, crows ect. If it has wings talk about it here.
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Rich M
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Re: Anyone know who the "Dan" of duck hunting would be?

Postby Rich M » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:45 am

Check to see if your state has a duck hunting organization - that way you'll end up meeting folks with similar interests and maybe find a few buds to hunt ducks with. As a rule duck hunters seem to like to share with folks - and fight over hunting spots. :lol:

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Re: Anyone know who the "Dan" of duck hunting would be?

Postby JakeB » Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:07 am


Speaking of finding ducks while deer hunting.. These guys wouldn’t shut up while I was making a morning deer hunt. Got in there the next 2 mornings and shot back to back 2 man limits of mallards. Almost unheard of in south LA public. Surprisingly not 1 wood duck came in either morning.

Bonus points for rocking the Thlete..
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Twenty Up
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Re: Anyone know who the "Dan" of duck hunting would be?

Postby Twenty Up » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:29 pm

Duck hunting is more of who has the most money and the best location (flyway) compared to others. At least everyone has a chance to shoot a Booner, P&Y deer but duck hunting if you're not in a major flyway it's really spinning your tires for nothing

Unfortunately duck hunting is beginning to consume me along with deer hunting so it's conflicting interests, but duck hunting is not financially forgiving by any means. It's not a blue collar mans sport. At least when deer experience pressure, they don't fly away. They also don't migrate thousands of miles.

But Dennis Loosier Aka "Dr. Duck" is supposed to be the "Dan Infalt" of duck hunting... But he's in a major Texas flyway with probably a six figure sponsorship with Sitka, Yeti etc.... Give any Beast member 1/3 of his sponsorship and I promise they'll out-do most 'Pro' hunters.

I'll end my rant by saying deer hunting hasn't experienced the craze that duck hunting has after Duck Dynasty came about... So the pressure has increased tremendously. I've only had one argument with another deer hunter in a parking lot after years of hunting public and those guys told us another spot to hunt after strong-arming us off of "our" spot for the evening. We also doubled up in said spot. Meanwhile duck hunting public I've personally almost been involved in 3 fist fights and been cussed out multiple times after only 3 seasons of hunting public waters... Even after spending thousands of dollars per season we still fight with guides trying to hunt blinds we bought exclusive rights for. Duck hunting is an awesome experience, but recently the pressure has made it a huge pain.
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