Thoughts on vacuum sealer for camping

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Thoughts on vacuum sealer for camping

Unread postby bigtee » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:21 pm

So I read that vacuum sealers can increase the shelf life of pretty much all foods, regardless if they are frozen or just left out because they take most of the bacteria that spoils food out of the container.

That being said, we do a lot of hunting and fishing in remote areas that don't have power. This can make it difficult for us when we harvest a deer the first day out, and we have several more days of stay. Would it be a worthy investment to get a vacuum sealer capable of this portability to get a couple extra days out of the meat without worrying about it going bad? This way we can get a longer stay out of a trip in the event we do find something our first day out.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? This being about outdoor survival I figured I might be able to find some like minded guys in here.

Right now I'm looking at this fish and game vacuum sealer which can run on wall outlet or off a 12v battery. ... processing

I am open to suggestions.

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Re: Thoughts on vacuum sealer for camping

Unread postby Rich M » Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:41 am

Not saying it won't work - not sure if it does work. Concept seems sound.

I usually keep quartered deer/venison in a cooler for 7-10 days before processing it. Drain off water and add ice as necessary, or just drain off water if no new ice is available. If its cold enough, leave cooler open.

The only thing I use a vac sealer for is long term fish freezing - everything else goes into a ziplock.

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