Coyotes grabbing antlers?

Discussion about shed antlers, etc
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Re: Coyotes grabbing antlers?

Postby checkerfred » Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:18 am

P&YBuck1 wrote:Interesting post Stanley.

I have not witnessed this but can see the validity of it.

I know dogs like these as you see antlers sold at pet stores so maybe natures way to clean teeth and vitamins for the yotes.

I did see a fox by my stand several years ago chew on a glove a hunter lost that had the leather palm, so interesting what all they guys my chew on and why.

I know I have seen bones void of meat being chewed on but have not see antlers, but as others say maybe another reason or excuse for me why I don't find
many. :)

Good post!

I witnessed a red fox steal a guys golf ball on our local golf course, with us standing 15 yards away lol. It kept looking back at us while it trotted off. Then stood in the woods line looking at us eventually taking it in the woods, then coming back with a friend lol. No telling how many balls that thing stole

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