anter growth and shedding from mountain deer to swamps

Discussion about shed antlers, etc
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anter growth and shedding from mountain deer to swamps

Postby ghoasthunter » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:23 am

I have been shed hunting for twenty years and have a observation. I find my best genetic sheds 95% of the time in mountains. I also observe the sheds drop earlier and on more consistent time frames. Does anybody else see this? most of my swamp deer are main frame 8 points and 10s. Mature mountain bucks on other hand are 10 point main frame they develop split g2 and g3 and sometimes double brows. my theory is they get better minerals from ground. most of the available water in mountains comes from natural springs. I'm thinking the springs are pushing up extra natural minerals from deep under ground. Then the deer are drinking the water and eating the plants that take in the water. versus the swamp deer drinking from runoff ponds and ditches. the bucks do shed months later in swamps probly from more browse and thermal climate the swamp provides. does anybody else see the same things happening in areas you hunt?


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