who's running trap lines?

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Re: who's running trap lines?

Postby JoeRE » Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:06 am

blueKYstream wrote:
I ended up catching 4 or 5 deer with snares. The deer stops allowed two or three to get out. One broke the link connecting the snare to the extension. I never found that one. Another two died. 3 of the 5 catches were under fences. 2 of the 5 catches were 5 or more feet from a fence crossing (one was a leg catch and one a neck catch). I have no idea how it resulted in a neck catch away from the fence but it happened. All-in-all it was a good learning experience.

I never had luck using snares other than one yote catch. I had much better luck with foot traps. For that reason and because snares are basically a 1-time use only, I'll probably stick with the foot traps in the future. They are great for some people, but I'm not sure I'm one of them.

Yikes man, with those results I would stop on the snares too. Sorry to hear that happened.

Did you put jump sticks over your snares set on trails? It usually has to be a fairly large branch 1/2" in diameter for the deer to notice it and hop over instead of walk through it, set right across the trail about even with the top of the snare loop. No higher than 18-20" off the ground max, that's plenty high for a coyote to slip under. That usually stops the deer hoof catches. It also helps break up the outline of the top of the loop from yotes. They are very wary and if they see a loop silhouetted in front of them, most will avoid it.

The thicker the cover the lower and smaller loop you want because that makes deer move with lower heads as well. Not trying to convince you to try it again just trying to figure out what happened, if I caught that many deer it would completely turn me off of snares too.

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