Lease cost?

Post Hunts & Leases for sale + Questions about outfitters, leases ect.
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Re: Lease cost?

Unread postby OUBrew » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:19 am

Paca wrote:My financial planner is very impressed with my property investments. Owning land is so much more enjoyable than watching numbers for a 401k. The value of my land investments, has really outpaced any other investments we’ve made as well.
Owning beats giving it away on some lease, but I do miss Kansas and Iowa. do you handle taxes? Closed MFL?

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Re: Lease cost?

Unread postby wmihunter » Mon Mar 18, 2019 6:49 am

I have a pending lease in se Illinois that I may be able to let someone else on. It’s 40 acres next to some larger properties in Fayette County. I’d be willing to give full rights for $1000. I may not be hunting it at all. It’s has 10 acres of timber.
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Re: Lease cost?

Unread postby cuttiebrownbo » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:18 am

I am lucky that my friends and I lease 531 acres in a great hunting area, surrounded by private communities with zero pressure (they don't allow hunting), from a guy who just has us cover the taxes for the property. Even that is 10 dollars an acre and that includes insurance.

Don't look for 'hunting' leases because anything for hunting is going to make it expensive. We just found a guy who was willing to give us access and made a deal.

We trade work for other properties and that work essentially just includes posting the land and letting the owner know if anyone is hanging stands or trespassing.
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Re: Lease cost?

Unread postby Bman409 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:11 am

Boogieman1 wrote:Here inTx I would say $1500 for a low deer area gets you about 5 guns crammed on 100 acres. Decent hunting of 100 acres per hunters is 2500 -$3500. Primo leases run 5-10 grand per Hunter and we also have the option to pick your buck out of a catalog and go down for a day. believe prices are $3500 for 130" all the way to 20,000 for a 400" buck. I hear tell for a lil extra they will shoot the deer for u, donate the meat and just mail you the head. That way u don't have to waste time driving down there.

Not sure how much of this is sarcasm, but my fear is very little of it is.. LOL

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Re: Lease cost?

Unread postby vtbuck » Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:19 pm

My bro just asked me if I was interested in getting in on a lease with him.
160 acres for $2000.
Probably 4 guys so $500 a guy. Haven’t walked it yet.
The guys who are leasing it now are getting the boot. Not sure why but my bro is friends with the landowner and he said we got first shot at it.
Good private is pricey so a deal like this is a no brainer
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