North Dakota

This section of the forum is for people looking to trade or swap hunts, services, or equipment, in exchange for other hunts, services, or equipment.

EXAMPLE: Taxidermist willing to trade deer head mount for deer hunt in Midwest.

**Hunts for sale by outfitters need to be put in the outfitter section of the forum.
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North Dakota

Postby isitseasonyet? » Thu May 18, 2017 1:38 pm

Any fellow beasts wanna meet up and do a public land hunt in NoDak? I'm a college student maybe looking to learn from a fellow beast/ make some hunting buddies. I'm not looking to ride your shirt tails, just share camp on some public land, swap stories and hopefully tag a buck. I'll be going anyways so I figured I'd leave the option open if there's any beasts that were thinking about doing a NoDak hunt, the season opens super early and non res tags are easy to come by.

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