Funny fishing stories - ADD Yours too!

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Funny fishing stories - ADD Yours too!

Postby Edcyclopedia » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:34 am

Just came across this photo of a 17lb - King Salmon.
I chuckled when I seen it because of the way I caught it...

My buddy invited me to head out with him and his step father and fish Lake Ontario.
We pack up my convertible and drove 400 miles for some fishing and a few rounds of golf.

Once on the 27 foot boat my buddy (who's 10 years older than me) lost the 1st two fish by not reacting quick enough.
Well it was about 45-min since the last stike and when we finally had a release instinct kicked in!!!
Not wanting to loose the next fish I jumped up a fraction of a second faster than the old man and knocked him over and out of the way.

Well let me just say that the step father laughed his bee-hind off as he drove his vessle and watch me shove his step kid (+50 yrs old) to the floor of the boat.

He still reminds me everytime I see him!


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Re: Funny fishing stories - ADD Yours too!

Postby muddy » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:40 am

At one time I thought it'd be fun to try and catch a musky, 4 trips later I thought that musky fishing was retarded. When I finally caught one I was quite happy, but mostly happy to check it off the bucket list because musky fishing isn't fun... it's WORK. Reeling them in is only a fraction of the battle!

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Re: Funny fishing stories - ADD Yours too!

Postby dan » Sun Jul 08, 2012 9:26 am

Speaking of musky... My brother Bob moved to Georgia when I was young. He moved back when I was in my twentys. When he moved, he was a person I really looked up to. He killed a buck every year. Usually a 1 year old buck with a gun, but back then it was something at least to me. And he was always catching fish... Coming back, he was still shooting little bucks and catching bluegills, but I had certainly advanced... At least in my opinion...
One day he tells me he wants to go up to Black river falls to catch some Musky's... I wanted to go up there, had not been to hatfield in a while. So we start getting ready and he says that the black river in Hatfield is full of huge musky below the lake arburtus damn. I laughed right out loud and told him musky don't live in rivers... So, since he don't have any equipment he gets my Dads old rods that had rotten 5 year old mono line on zebco plastic reals... He was tieing hooks and the line would break when he would pull the string... I laughed so hard. These were $10 poles my dad used for bullheads with plastic reals with plastic gears and cheap line...
So... We head up. On the way he wants to stop for bait. He goes in, I wait outside. He comes out with a box of nitecrawlers... And the laughing starts again. I said, I thought your were buying suckers? maybe large shiners? Nope! you got worms! :lol: Bob was getting pretty mad at me, but it was funny.
We get to the river and find a spot to spread our stuff out and Bob starts setting a line. He ties a nut on the line for a sinker, puts a giant bobber on, and a big ole crawler, with no steel leader (which erupted laughter again)... As he casts the line out I wandered up towards the rapids to try and catch some smallies on a spinner. Suddenly I hear all this yelling and screaming from him and Carol so thinking someone was hurt I ran back over there... There stood carol with the net in her hands with a giant musky with a crawler hanging out of its mouth connected to a string leading to bobs pole... Bob says "I TOLD YOU!!!!" :shock:

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