LBL Kentucky lake fishing

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LBL Kentucky lake fishing

Postby 186buck » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:22 am

I'm not from the area but we camp down there every year for spring break. My kids really love to fish and it's really what we do the most when we are down there. I know the weather thig year is crazy you are getting snow today. We will be camping down there for a week starting 3-28. I'm wondering if any of you guy's down there can give me any info on how the fishing is going. In past years the weather was better and the fishing seemed to be good right from the camp grounds. But with the colder temps I'm thinking the fishing may be hard from shore. Any tips would be much appreciated. Also we will be camping so I can't bring a boat. We'll be staying on the southern end of the lake and we may need to rent a boat. Any place that would rent a boat for a few days.


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