Predator Sign Near Bedding

Discuss the science of figuring out our prey through good detective work.
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Re: Predator Sign Near Bedding

Postby Darkknight54 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:43 am

So... I noticed this thread and was curious. Turns out you all notice the same iv been seeing. I literally jumped a coyote out of this bed the other day. The sign was building up in a good area and I knew I was about to jump a brute! Walked slowly to the bed and then bam! There goes a coyote jumping up from a dead sleep! He had a spot curled up in this bed about the size of a basketball. It made me mad and it was time to go bc it was snowing, I didnt get the full setup... just walked away. Now bc of some advice and your guys' comments here, looks like I have to get back in there and get the setup! :think:

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