Tips on roosting turkeys?

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Re: Tips on roosting turkeys?

Postby Jerky,mmm. » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:43 pm

I tried getting gobbles from roosted birds on a property that I know had turkeys around last season. With my owl call, the first time out, the only reaction I got was another owl that flew around the trees to check me out. I tried several times with the owl call from the field into the woods, but never got a response. These birds had also NEVER been hunted on this property, fyi.
After I few different nights, I finally pulled out the box call out of frustration. Immediately got a few gobbles back. I can’t say if they were there the other nights, but on that evening, they didn’t respond to the owl, but gobbled back at the box call.
I backed out and set up on them the next morning. They went to a different field first, and then hung up in the woods, and never came into my range, in my open field. But fun non-the-less. They did gobble at me, and I watched them out of the back window of my ground blind.

My advice would be, don’t hesitate to hit a cluck or cut in the evening, just in case they are there, but not responding to a locator call. If they aren’t there nothing hurt anyways, right???

I wouldn’t hen call in the (pre-sunrise) AM though...

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