Trail blazing??

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Chuck B
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Trail blazing??

Postby Chuck B » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:07 pm

Hi. Question for you guys that have some experience with blazing trails on private land. We have 250 acres in NW Wisconsin. About 1/4 of that is "high"land with oaks, pines, poplar. The other 3/4 is Lower elevation mixture of swampy, marshy, some scrub oak "islands" or peninsula, a small river running thru, etc. As you can imagine, the lower elevations is where the mature bucks seem to spend most of their time. I do get in there and try to hunt their beds (was successful on one tonight but didn't take the shot). However, life would be so much easier if I spent a few days with my bro in law and got our chainsaws out after the season and made some nice trails to get around the property. It would make it quieter on the trek in, and would make it much easier (and safer) on the way out. It's not fun to be down there in the dark when you get turned around. Seems like you are in a different world in the swamp, as many of you know! And we have multiple 500 lb bear on the property and that's where they live....

So, my question is, do you think the mature bucks will mind if we have some good trails running through the land? Or, would they feel less secure knowing that one doesn't have to go through the super thick to get close to his bed? Just wondering if any of you out there has tried this before and if so, what your experience has been? Who knows, maybe they would like the easy paths to walk on when they desired? And I am not talking about bulldozer trails, I am talking about four wheeler size trails. But, don't intend on taking the wheeler in there at all, just that size. Any input would be appreciated.

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