Public land scouting workshop... Saturday Feb 4th 2023

Discuss the science of figuring out our prey through good detective work.
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Public land scouting workshop... Saturday Feb 4th 2023

Unread postby dan » Wed Jan 11, 2023 10:35 am

Public land scouting workshop... Saturday Feb 4th 2023

This workshop is limited to the 1st 25 people who sign up. We can go a little over if the last persons signing up are a group that exceeds the number, but as soon as we hit or exceed 25 it will be closed. Its going to take place in the public land that I hunt near my house. I have killed many big bucks in this stretch of public. I will try and get other beasts who have hunted with me in these areas to come as well. I would ask that if you hunt this area of Rome marsh, or plan to, you don't sign up... I hunt here every year personally.

I will show you where, when, and how the bucks bed on the properties, discuss why they bed where they do, what winds, how I access the property in relation to the beds, exactly where and how he sets up. You will look at some of my actual set ups, the buck beds, and discuss in detail everything pertinent. We will look at different kinds of buck bedding including looking at primary beds. We will look at identifiable land features that promote bedding and discuss how to recognize them when looking at new land. We will look at how set up in very close proximity to bedded bucks, and how to speed scout large properties.

No questions will be left unanswered. We stop and have discussions frequently encouraging questions. We will cover lots of ground. Some workshops have taken us over 3 miles. The terrain can be thick or under water. Rubber boots, a change of clothes in case you get wet/muddy and being in good enough shape to walk long distances is recommended. All guests will have to sign a release stating they are responsible for there own safety. Rain or Shine

Cost will be $300 per person. I want it affordable and I think this price is affordable and well worth that amount. There will be a meal waiting for us when we get out of the woods. Where we can chat one on one... I won't leave till everyone's questions are answered.

Post Im in to confirm this date. I will send out addresses and maps to confirmed attendees at a later point.

Jacob Gross
Nate Clark
Matthew Werre *
Austin Gannon
Sean Black *
Deon Gerlach & guest *
Brad Shinkle F
Frank Miller *
Nick Stuckart
Aidan Osborne
Cameron Ihrig & guest. *
Jason Lyle and 3 guests *
Eric Schmidt *

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Re: Public land scouting workshop... Saturday Feb 4th 2023

Unread postby Fatslapper11 » Wed Jan 25, 2023 3:48 am

Eric Scmidt...I'm in

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