New property help

Post topo’s and Aerial photos for free advice. Food plotting, land manipulation, water holes, ect.
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New property help

Unread postby SEOHBB » Mon Feb 20, 2023 5:59 am

I discovered a year ago that my grandmother's southern Ohio farm has some giant ohio deer on and around it. Ive always managed and hunted my parents piece 20 minutes away and neglected this property. I'm planning on building a home on it when I retire from my Az leo gig in 7 years.

I can't afford to have a bigshot come in and help me build the property. Between it and my two uncles attaching pieces I have access to over 200 acres. Two Ohio giants were killed this year both within a mile and half and last year I had daylight pics of a giant along with multiple solid bucks.

Is there anyone that has experience and success who could help me take a look at the aerials and topo to get some ideas? It's much different from my other property as there's tons of plantable ground.

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