Been stumped for 3 years

Post topo’s and Aerial photos for free advice. Food plotting, land manipulation, water holes, ect.
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Been stumped for 3 years

Unread postby CJ13 » Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:43 am

I have been hunting this for 3 seasons. I have had some small bucks/doe encounters but never an encounter with any big bucks. I do know there are big bucks in there because we had 3 big ones on camera one year and I know someone who hunts the abutting property to the north. This seems to be the most promising year so far for acorns. Red line is an old road and yellow is a bike path that another hunter uses. Where would you hunt?
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Re: Been stumped for 3 years

Unread postby Huntress13 » Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:58 am

Looks like a swampy area to the right of the old road as it enters the bottom of the property. I'd think a big buck might hide in there on those points or bowls.
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Re: Been stumped for 3 years

Unread postby Ghost Hunter » Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:59 am

Start with most nasty ugly stuff that nobody wants to hunt. Go from there.
I'm reason they call it hunting and not shooting.

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